INFINITI - Luxury Should Be Lived In

Visual directions for DDB’s pitch to INFINITI global. With the tagling “Luxury Should Be Lived In” I created a range of concepts for future INFINITI campaigns, incorporating hints of humanity and human interaction, whether that be the messiness of life or brining life into a more futuristic life space. 

All of these directions are conceptual and for the the purpose of new business exploration only. They will not be used by INFINITI brands in any way. All rights go to their respective owners.

Vibrant Life
An emphasis on bold color and abstact compositions to create a striking look

The Messiness of Life
Playful brush strokes to give a nod to families who truly live in luxury: the fun yet crazy moments of everyday life

Big & Bold
Oversized brand logo with vibrant lifestyle photography

Luxury Optimized
A futuristic take on where INFITNI could grow as a brand, leaning into technology and development

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